Three Ways Corporate Events Can Learn From Festivals

The summer season sees the world go festival crazy but can we learn anything from their popularity and apply it to corporate events?


The Great Outdoors


The first thing we learn from festivals is that people are not afraid of the great outdoors. In fact, they welcome the challenges! Part of the fun of festivals is the environment so don’t be afraid to take your corporate events and team building activities outdoors. Fresh air, a change of scenery and more space are all advantages of outdoor corporate events. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to spend time in the great outdoors every year and perhaps this is the most obvious way that corporate events can learn from festivals.


Team Building


Festivals are great examples of team building. From the organisation of the trip itself to pitching a tent and trying to survive, it’s team work that makes the dream work. Since a large proportion of corporate events booked each year are for team building, we have a lot to learn from festivals. Similar experiences such as wilderness weekends tick every festival box except music. Give your team a new challenge to work through together, outside, to improve communication, build relationships and just have a bit of fun!




Festivals are so popular because of the vast amount of entertainment available. Even the biggest chart topping line ups have alternative stages and activities. The best festivals have even incorporated art, crafts, street food and comedy. More and more commonly, we are seeing corporate events mimic this multi-purpose event. Venues have even expanded the typical space to accommodate for the move towards more activities rather than one. Pop ups work especially well for larger groups who can enjoy them on rotation!


Do you think corporate events can be inspired by the successes of summer festivals? Has your company been inspired by them? Let us know!

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