Urban Axe Throwing

Urban Axe Throwing!

Yep you read that right…

In  WhiteChapel in London a new venture has sprung up where you will learn to throw axes into the wooden target! It looks like a darts tournament but with axes this time! It is as frightening as it sounds … But this is what makes life fun, isn’t it?

There is an axe-throwing expert, ( again that sounds a little crazy) there to be sure that you handle axes well. Listen his advices and everything will be just fine!

You don’t need to have much strength to put the axes on the target, you just need some precision!

Once you have finished, all your pressure will be released. You will feel less stress and less nervous for the rest of your day!

This is an amazing way to get rid of all the work stress and start a great new day after the Urban Axe Throwing!

The session will cost £30 per person and £25 for group of eight to fourteen.

Urban Axe Throwing