Why Use an Events Company?

There are two options when it comes to organising a corporate event: try to organise it yourself or go to an events company. There are  different motivations involved in each. You might think you’re too particular to hand the task over to somebody else, or maybe you’re looking to save money, but here’s where the expectations of events companies are wrong and why you should use an events company to create the best event possible.


Events Companies Have Connections


The first reason you should consider using an events company is because, of course, they have connections. Having organised thousands of events over the years, we have built up a strong network of venues, suppliers, entertainers and decorators. We know the best in the business. Perhaps more importantly, we’ve used the best in the business. There is nothing more reliable than past experience and, for this, established events companies are invaluable! Let us listen to what it is you envision for your event and we’ll know exactly who to call.


Events Companies Can Save You Money


The decision to cut professional help from the budget when it comes to corporate events to save money is not always the most informed decision. It could actually cost you more money to organise your own event. With no previous experience on prices and no network, you could end up in the wrong venue for the wrong price. An experienced event company will know who to call and what to ask for that fits your budget to achieve the best results for the best price. Of course, you’re paying for their expertise and guidance, but your events planner can save you money.


Events Companies Have Done it All Before


No matter how individual you believe your idea to be, the right events planner will understand it. Broad events companies have done it all before and seen it all before. While you explain your perfect corporate event, we’re already noting down connections we’ve found to successfully achieve what you’re looking for. We also know what works and what doesn’t, enabling us to manage expectations, adapt to any space, anticipate any potential problems and iron out all of the creases until it’s perfect. Experience is everything in events!


If you’re convinced, and need some help, no matter how big or small the event, give us a call on 020 7274 4865  and let’s get started!