A Vision of a Meeting at The Natural History Museum

natural history museum london
Image credit: Marc Biarnès on Flickr

The Natural History Museum with its beautiful surroundings, many cafés and other refreshments is a perfect venue for meetings and functions. Impromptu meetings are a regular occurrence for many professionals and are difficult to find and book a venue for at such short notice but the Natural History Museum need not be booked. With its quality food and pristine lawns, it is a perfect place for lunch during the summer and, if you really want to make the meeting memorable, its exhibitions are great for walking and talking.

 Natural History Museum
Image credit: Jennifer on Flickr

The latest exhibition, Colour and Vision, is a visual demonstration of an intense study of 565 million years of the evolution of colour and the eye. The exhibition suggests that colour evolved and developed just as much as our eye sight did and explores, in great and aesthetically pleasing detail, how animals experience colour, the colours they see that we do not, the different spectrums and how colour quickly became a matter of life and death in the animal world. From colours that scream ‘danger- stay away’ to camouflage, the information is easy to grasp with this artistic exhibition.

 Natural History Museum
Image credit: Chung Ho Leung on Flickr

Speaking of art, artist Liz West, famous for her many colour-inspired pieces, has a mesmerising installation within the exhibition! She explains her inspiration for the installation in a video here.

If you were looking for something more organised and within the museum itself then see here to browse the packages available. The venue can be hired out for impressive functions in the great hall but also offers guided tours for away days to keep the office inspired and training.

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