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What’s in London Tap Water?

With rumours about the cocaine levels in London tap water being high and harmful, and having already investigated the myths about pigeons’ disease and the dirty underground, we looked at what’s really in the tap water of the capital.



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The biggest health concern of London tap water is not actually cocaine but is Oestrogen. The hormone is only increasing in the water since it is difficult to filter out. Studies suggest that a large proportion of women on the contraceptive pill are passing the hormone into the water. It’s even changed the gender of male fish in the Thames who are growing female parts and could be detrimental to men drinking it!



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Prozac is just one of the drugs detectable in London drinking water. Before you get too excited about free happy pills, the levels were very low! Other prescription drugs were found in London tap water, from antibiotics to chemotherapy medicines, the number of drugs found in drinking water is thought to contribute to the problem of immunity to treatment.



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According to the EMCDDA, it is not cocaine we need to concern ourselves with but MDMA, the levels of which found in our tap water are ‘very high’ so perhaps it is true that there is a slight high to be had from drinking London tap water! Drink responsibly!




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We hope our myth-busting of the London rumours have been interesting! Take everything rumoured with a pinch of salt before researching it for yourself. Everything found within the drinking water is low and some reports even claim London has the cleanest water in all of England!


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