Wine Making and Other Workshops

Something about this time of year brings about more things to do than usual! If you’ve ever wanted to try to learn something new, there is, quite literally, no time like the present! With a number of craft workshops now open to the public, we have compiled a list with something for everybody!


Wine Making

wine making workshop

We’re starting off strong (or sweet if that’s how you like it) with a wine making workshop. Urban Wine Making, in Greenwich, have thought of everything! This two-hour class will not only see you putting together flavours to make your own wine but it will also teach you how to make the label for your personalised bottle! At £59 per person and the equipment to ferment your wine at home, this is a must-try workshop for any wine lovers.


Print Making

print making workshop
emarts, Unsplash

Arts and prints have never been more popular in home décor than they are now—and they even make a great gift for someone! The Lavender Print School in Battersea offers a range of lessons, day and evening over the course of six days a week so they are sure to catch you at a good time! Whether you take up a block of lessons or just get creative for one lesson, it’s definitely something to try!



calligraphy workshop london
angels, Flickr

You can’t scroll through social media anymore without coming across calligraphy videos that are incredibly satisfying to watch! This one in particular seems to be everywhere! If you’ve not yet signed and sent your Christmas cards then get yourself into a calligraphy class – but you’ll have to be quick because places sell like hot cakes! Lamplighter London are the best in the business so be sure to check them out!


Silver Jewellery Making

jewellery making
Jewellery making workshop

For crafting that’s a little more wearable, try a silver jewellery making workshop! From cutting and joining to polishing and perfecting, the chance to custom make a piece of jewellery as unique as you are is too good to miss! Better yet, make a loved one something that’s as individual as they are! We can confirm that making jewellery is incredibly therapeutic and very creative!



From wine making to jewellery making, we hope we have given you something new to try! If you’re more of a mover than a maker, see our thoughts on Fabric reopening! Could there be a comeback for London nightclubs if they follow Fabric’s lead?

Header image credit: Annie Spratt, Unsplash