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Weird Festivals in The UK

Following the excitement of the announcement of the Catnip Festival, we thought we might shed some light on some other weird festivals that occur in the UK that are super strange and largely unheard of!


Yorkshire Pudding Boat Festival

weird festivals uk yorkshire pudding boat race
Alpha on Flickr

Set in North Yorkshire, people make giant Yorkshire puddings before coating them in yacht varnish to make them stronger and waterproof. Every year people take their Yorkshire pudding boats to the wa ter with a paddle for a race to the finish line. Grown humans in giant Yorkshire puddings, paddling across Bob’s Pond in Brawby is quite a sight to see! Unfortunately, there will be no race this year but you can hear about upcoming pudding races by signing up here.


Cheese Rolling

weird festivals uk cheese rolling competition
Will De Freitas on Flickr

Britain loves cheese—and enough to throw themselves down a steep hill with the potential risk of broken bones, apparently! Every year, in multiple locations, thousands of people flock to a hill and hundreds apply to participate. The aim of the game is simple: chase after some cheese and see if you can catch it! Don’t get your hopes up though, there are cheese champions that are yet to be beaten! Find out more here.


Toe Wrestling Championships

weird festivals uk toe wrestling
Caravanum on Flickr

Derbyshire sets up a bizarre toe wrestling competition most years in Ashbourne. Contenders sit uncomfortably slouched with their competing feet on the ‘toedium’ and lock their big toes together. The first person to force the other’s foot into the side frames wins! You’ve got just under a year to flex those toes into good shape before competing in next year’s competition so be sure to put your best foot forward!


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