3 Reasons to Ditch the VIP Section at Your Event

The VIP section has become a long-standing tradition at clubs, parties and even corporate events. Usually reserved for those with high socio-economic power or influence, they maintain some privacy and distance for the chosen attendees. But is their time in the events industry running out? Here are three reasons to consider ditching the VIP section from your future events.


Networking > segregation 

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Networking should always take precedence over segregation at an event. After all, no matter the purpose of your corporate event, events are meant to bring people together. If you feel you need to, it’s okay to express that when you make your invitations. In fact, even if you invite the most popular thought leader in your industry, they are a selling point of your event. Attendees will want to converse with them and it would be disappointing to segregate them.


All guests should feel valued

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Hospitality and being a good host is one of the most important elements of an event. You wouldn’t invite people into your home and then make it clear that you value some people’s company over others. Likewise, when bringing people into your company’s event, each and every one of them should feel valued. Removing the VIP section removes the hierarchy. If you want people to feel comfortable and promote smaller socialising groups, install booths or seating areas into your event.


Exemplary service 

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If everything about your event has been impeccably organised, its excellence will speak for itself. Rather than prioritising the service and standards of the VIP section, why not make all guests feel like a VIP in your hands? Ensure there are enough servers that no one has to serve themselves. Set the way in the events industry by setting the bar high and maintaining those standards. You don’t need a VIP section because your whole event is VIP friendly!


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