5 Tips For Better Productivity

It’s been a long bank holiday weekend and the nation needs some pointers! If you’d like an easier week, keep reading for five tips for better productivity!


Set The Schedule

schedule notebook organized

Most people write their to-do list, if they have one, in the morning. It’s a ritual in most offices to get to work, turn on the computer, make a cup of tea and set about writing a list of everything you have to do that day. It’s more productive, however, to just get started. At the end of every day, write down what didn’t get done and what needs to get done tomorrow, while it’s fresh in your mind. That way, you don’t forget any task and can just get started without delay the following day.


Find The Multi-Tasking Balance

multitasking planning organized

The jury is still out on how productive it is to multi-task, so we’ll take the middle ground. It’s a bad idea to constantly multi-task. If you have too many plates to juggle, no single plate will be juggled well. It’s easier to forget things if you’re not completely focused. That being said, if you never multi-tasked, you’d never get anything done, especially when you’re waiting around on somebody else. Only ever have up to four things on the go at any given time, know your limits and understand that concentration gets things done quicker, not doing everything at once!


Take Breaks

coffee bisquit break

Though they might seem contradictory, taking breaks makes you more productive. That means that, despite taking time out away from work, you’re getting work done faster which saves you some time, rather than wasting it. Every hour or every time you feel a bit muddled or in need of inspiration, go make a cup of coffee, take a stroll across the corridor, and keep your body awake! Better yet, if you’re unafraid of looking a bit silly, run down the corridor, or take a stroll in fresh air around the building!


Think and Eat Clean

healthy food

An untidy environment is an untidy mind. And, whilst you can’t do too much about the office dump, you do have everything to do with your own desk. Keep it clean and clear. File away paperwork, bin what you don’t need, rid yourself of clutter and just stick to the basics. It will regain your focus. Likewise, make sure you’re eating light and clean food to avoid the afternoon’s sluggish feeling. Know what your body likes and stick to it, have plenty of protein and good fats for energy and feel better for it!


Set Targets

target darts

The best of offices have set targets for the department, for the company as a whole and for the individual. These are great for remaining on track, especially if they are somewhere visible. It helps to not get lost in hundreds of small tasks and to acknowledge the bigger picture and what you’re trying to achieve. If you don’t have someone making sure you’re all getting work done on time and up to standard then you’ll have to set your own! Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly career goals to ensure your productivity has reason and to make work life more interesting!


If you have any tips of your own, we’d love to hear from you!