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Accidental World Class Events Created By Non-Event Profs

When you’re so busy trying to get ahead in the events industry it’s all too easy to forget that sometimes the best of events happen by mistake. Though event profs have years of experience in the business and constantly strive to learn more, we’re going to tell you why it’s important to accept ideas from non-event profs… because, sometimes, they get it really right!



Glastonbury festival england eventsThe Glastonbury music festival is one of the biggest festivals in the world. Its reputation spans far more than the dairy fields it started on! Michael Eavis was a music-loving dairy farmer who was inspired by the Blues festival at Bath and West Showground so much that he decided to try his own event on a much smaller scale. The first festival in 1970 had a ticket fee of just £1 and it included a free bottle of milk from his farm! From 1,500 people to 175,000 people, it hosts the best artists in the world and is one of the biggest events of the year, not just in the music industry but beyond!


Burning Man Festival

burning man festivalThis huge hippie festival that’s known all over the world once just began with a few bored friends on Baker Beach in San Francisco who decided to build a man and watch him burn. His small social gathering turned into a much larger one as onlookers came to watch. A man ‘with his pants on his head and a guitar’ began the first bout of singing and everyone just went along with it, feeling like they’d just accidentally created a community. Over the following years, the public began to pick up on it and it snowballed into what it is today.


Boryeong Mud Festival

Boryeong Mud FestivalThis messy event in South Korea attracted 2.2 million visitors last year and is one of the biggest events in South Korea to date. The whole festival centres around mud, seeing people in mud pools, mud slides and other mud based activities as well as acupuncture, music and therapy alongside the mess. The whole event was created by a beauty company who offered a lot of mud treatments. Instead of advertising, they set up a whole lot of mud and a sort-of obstacle course for people to feel the benefits of mud first-hand. Over the years, however, it’s become one of the biggest events of the year!


These are just a few examples of non-event professionals creating something big out of nothing! When you next think that it takes someone with years of experience in the events industry to think of the next big thing – not just for the event but for the attracting of people, we’re sure you’ll think again!

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