Alcohol Free ‘Conscious Clubbing’

While most of us think that dancing and clubbing go hand in hand or, further, that it is the consumption of alcohol that actually reduces peoples’ self-consciousness enough to encourage dancing, one particular clubbing movement is proving that conception wrong.

Conscious Clubbing dancing party
Image credit: Fernando Guillen on Flickr

Morning Gloryville, having established themselves especially well in America, brought the tee total trend to London in 2013 to a select few venues, but the one that has the most to offer is Oval Space where you will find a dancefloor, Ministry of Sound DJ’s, a smoothie bar, a coffee kiosk, yoga instructors, a motivational dance team to keep you moving and even a massage team prepared to give their speciality ‘wake up’ massage. To simplify, the event is a sober dance party starting around six in the morning and ending around ten.

Conscious Clubbing party
Image credit: TEDxEastEnd on Flickr

This movement is, perhaps, safer than clubbing, offers an alternative social life to those who work too late to go nightclubbing and might just be the happiest start to the morning. The team hope to energise the brave early morning ravers and with some claiming to have the ‘best morning ever’, among hundreds that flock to the venues regularly, there must be some truth to the reviews!

Tickets range from £12 to £18 depending on how early you get to book them. The next episode you can book tickets for takes place on the 3 August for those of you brave enough to truly begin to understand the phrase ‘get up and go!’