All Aboard The Classic Gingerline

gingerlineGingerline, famous for their experimental and immersive approach to dining, have opened the door to their multi-dimensional machine again after the success of last year and everybody is talking about it. Their foodie experiment, The Chambers of Flavour is an experience whereby dramatic and curious characters guide you through five very distinctly themed rooms where your tastebuds become amplified in correlation with your wonder as you are served delicious dishes.


Classic GingerlineThe summer chambers event sold out within the first week of tickets going on sale but we have been told to keep our eyes on the website for the announcement of a possible Autumn event. For anyone who didn’t get a ticket or prefer not to wait on the basis of rumours, the Classic Gingerline has also returned and you might be one of the lucky attenders—if you’re quick enough, of course! The Classic Gingerline is, similar to Chambers of Flavour, an immersive dining experience but is held in just one room rather than a journey between many.


Classic GingerlineThe event has been successful on numerous past occasions spanning all kinds of themes. Of course, the details are all very secretive but pictures suggest that previous diners have travelled back to the olden times, been involved in an eery mystery, experienced a night at the casino, been sailors and some have even taken their dinner on another planet! Gingerline’s ideas are so original that it is impossible to speculate what the current dining experience might be but one thing is for sure: it is bound to be spectacular!

If you’re looking to enter a parallel universe and are open-minded when it comes to food then you must get aboard the The Classic Gingerline and discover an alternative to regular dining that will only intensify your love of food and flavour!

For more information see the Gingerline website here. For information about the Chambers of Flavour see here. We regularly update our Linkedin page with the latest news of the events business which you can find here.