An Immersive Experience With Edible Cinema

You have probably heard of the Electric Cinema. With its classic vintage décor and laidback atmosphere, it is one of the most unique cinema brands in London. Electric Cinema dominate Portobello and Notting Hill  and it’s easy to see why they are such popular screening rooms to hire. You might not, however, have heard of the Edible Cinema and that means you’re missing out!


Electric Cinema
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Edible cinema have redefined immersive cinema by adding a touch of class with delicious menus that please your taste buds while you enjoy the film. What’s more is the food isn’t just good — it is carefully and thoughtfully organised to compliment the sights, scents and tone of each scene of the film. Nothing immerses you in a romance like fragrant floral scents or intense moods with spice! These considerations have been expertly made by the foodies of Edible Cinema and the effect is marvellous.


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The next film event, ‘Some Like it Hot’ will serve people a tray of numbered boxes on their vintage side table and be prompt people throughout the film to eat, drink and taste. The various flavours will alter your mood to immerse you in the scenes. The experts behind Edible Cinema include Blanch and Shock, The Curious Confectioner and food designer Andrew Stellitano so you know that you are in safe, knowledgeable and passionate hands when you spend your evening with Edible Cinema.


electric cinema
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For a more corporate experience, you might hire the venue for your own event. This provides more flexibility in terms of choosing which film is screened and the team will compile a complimentary menu that best compliments the scenes, characters and atmosphere of the film! Pick between the Portobello or the Shoreditch Electric Cinema venue and perhaps consider hiring the bar since both are well reviewed and well loved!


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