Are You a Master of Drinking?

Christmas is lurking, or excitingly close, depending on which way you look at it. Likewise, the Christmas office party is too! If your office is just planning on popping out for a drink at the end of play on Friday, you might consider adding more structure to your Christmas frivolities, prevent any particular colleagues from drinking too much and saying/doing regrettable things, and create a purpose for your evening.

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Drinks tasting experiences offer a relaxed social atmosphere and ensure everyone is an equal level of merry! We offer a range of alcohol tasting experiences that will suit any office demographic. Wine tasting is a crowd pleaser, or choose from: gin, vodka, tequila, bourbon, whiskey, rum or craft beer tasting workshops. Alternatively, treat your employees to a Champagne tasting class, it is Christmas after all…


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Each class has a slightly different format, so have a look and see which one will suit your office best. In the wine tasting class an expert sommelier will talk you through the history of wine whilst serving you six different varieties for tasting. Whether your team prefer white, red or rose, everyone will find a new favourite. In most drinks tasting classes, expect 4-6 drinks, served by an expert who can teach you how to taste it. You can also have a blind tasting session!


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