Advertisement During Events

Away days are advantageous for the business and the team in many ways—otherwise we wouldn’t organise them! Not only does it offer a break from the typical work environment and enthuse your team with news tasks that have them developing teamwork and social unison, they are an opportunity to grow the business’ audience—though this is often forgotten about!

We thought we’d shortlist our favourite corporate events with the opportunity for advertisement!


Sailing Regatta

advertisement Sailing Regatta
Sailing Regatta

This away day is all about teamwork. The whole team has to work together to sail the boat and be the first boat of three to cross the race finish line! There is, however, an obvious opportunity for advertisement here. These Beneteau First 40’s yachts have a lot of space for advertisement stickers or even sails! Have some eye-catching stickers printed before the race day and you will catch the attention of a whole new audience!




advertisement photobooth

These days people can’t resist the urge to take a selfie! Whether you hire a classic or bespoke photobooth and have it stationed at an event or touring as a pop-up, it is a great opportunity for advertisement! Put your logo and details on the printout settings so people get a photo collage business card and have the booth upload photos to an online social media campaign that people will search to find their pictures!


Video Production

advertisement video production
Video Production

This corporate away day sees the team organising, producing, shooting and editing, practising communication and teamwork to make music videos, short films or news-style parodies but you could choose to make a short advertisement, introducing the team and showing what it is that you do. With careful planning, props and a script, your team could have a lot of fun making a short advertisement that can be used in your marketing strategy to grow the business!


There are always opportunities for advertising and growing the business audience for those with the initiative to find a way!

Header image credit: id iom on Flickr


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