Challenging Away Day Vs Creative Office Breakout Sessions

Both long away days packed with new activities, skills training and fun and shorter but more frequent bursts of creative activity benefit a business. Teamwork, communication and enthusiasm can be improved but knowing what your team needs is hard.

ailing regatta challenging away day
Sailing regatta

If your year is particularly busy then it might seem more convenient for you to clear the schedule of one specific day and organise a large scale away day event for the whole team. The best events offer a new challenge, encourage teamwork  and  allow everyone a break from work entirely.

For example, you might treat your team to an away day on a sail boat. Group activities like sailing require communication and teamwork for great results. Or perhaps something silly like real life Mariokart racing might be what you’re looking for and increases social cohesion and is a good laugh!


blindfolded builder
Blindfolded builder

Offices that have the occasional quiet afternoon will benefit from shorter but more frequent bursts of breaks within the office. This efficiently saves on time that might have been spent travelling and replenish the team’s motivation exponentially. The best events are creative! These events can be as teamwork based as you like with joined final craft projects or you might be interested in trust building games instead.


woodland survival camping
Bushcraft wilderness survival

For a middle ground, a change of scenery and learning a new skill is beneficial to any team. Out of office away day events don’t have to be longer and if you find the right one, you can be as flexible as you like. A perfect example of this is our survival and bushcraft workshop. The event, run by bushcraft professionals, can be extended to a weekend or can be condensed to a workshop that focuses on a particular skill. Venturing into the great outdoors for this workshop gives the team fresh air, a change of scenery, a new skill they would not otherwise have learned and inspires a new lease of confidence and cohesion.

The answer, in short, to the long-debated question of how often you should have a corporate event is subjective to how much time you have and what benefits you are hoping to get out of it.

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