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Should You Ban Phones at Your Event?

There has been some recent debate over whether or not to leave phones at the door of your event. We thought we would consider both sides and weigh in our verdict!


Phones can be a distraction


There’s nothing worse than an event being in full swing when someone’s phone goes off. It distracts the person, the speaker and the audience too. Since most event planners put a lot of thought and effort into their event, it’s easy to understand why they might want people to turn their phones off at the door. Even if people’s phones don’t go off, they can still be easily distracted by them. We have all been sat next to someone browsing Facebook or flipping through their phone’s contents instead of focusing on a presentation or the event itself.


Phones can be an event prop


Whilst phones can be some events’ biggest downfall, they can also be useful tools in achieving the purpose of the event itself. You might, for example, design an app especially for your event, that allows people to get the information that they need or participate in the event in some way. Phones can be used for voting system, polls and to receive information during the event that guests can take away with them later. Push notifications can also ensure you’re not suffering from out of sight, out of mind after the event. Phones also allow you to use scanning systems when networking to receive others’ details.


Phones might not fit the theme


Many immersive concept events feel that their impact is greater if people do not have their phones. This could be because there were no phones in the time frame of the event’s theme or just because phones pinging left right and centre can remove a person from their surroundings. Immersive events are all about the atmosphere and feeling completely part of the scene. If you’re hoping to achieve a similar effect to this you might want to ask guests to leave phones at the door.


Phones can share details of the event 


Most people do not carry a professional camera around with them. Mobile phones have changed the scene of social media forever. We can quickly snap photos or record our surroundings and easily share them to our social media channels in minutes. If you’d like your event to be the kind that gets social media following and its success to spread by word of mouth then mobile phones are a vital tool in this process. Perhaps you want your guests to be immersed enough in your event to enjoy it but still able to pull out their phones to record the event.


As with many pieces of event tech, it’s really down to the purpose of the event and what you’re trying to achieve. We hope our debate is helpful in making your decision!

What do you think? Leave your comments below!


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