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Behind The Scenes of Cirque du Soleil

The world famous Cirque du Soleil has returned to London!


cirque du soleil circus london behind the scenes
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From the 12th of January until the 26th of February, the classic circus show of talent and illusion will dominate the Royal Albert Hall and awe thousands. Since you know about the contortionist, the tricks and the mystery, we thought we’d tell you about Cirque du Soleil from a different angle – from behind the scenes of the event and into what it takes to make the event a success…



cirque du soleil royal albert hall london
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According to the Royal Albert Hall, who are hard at work, setting up as we speak, it takes 86 technicians and 8 days to get the event off the ground! That’s a lot of committed people for one show! The set up itself, (think lights, trapeze equipment, carefully planned props), seems nearly as impressive and mesmerising as the show itself. 760 seats are removed in favour of a platform and the current backdrop of the show includes 174 branches that need to be positioned, along with a lot of decoration hung in scaffolding clusters!


cirque du soleil circus london amaluna
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This impressive set up will continue for another week before the curtains are up and the circus is here! This year, the show, Amaluna, is supposedly led by goddesses and the cycles of the moon – mystical! There is a love story thrown into the mix as well, involving the queen’s daughter! The show is set to be one of the most stunning yet!  We are never sure how much of the story transfers to the audience amid all the excitement and acrobatic ardour but we are sure that it’s an experience!

As with all word-famous events, the advice is to book tickets early to avoid disappointment!

For more tricks, see our article on Virtually Real, an exhibition in the Royal Academy of Arts that combines VR technology and 3D printing to allow visitors to create whatever their imagination comes up with!

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