the mayor of

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

In London, one of the Breakfast Club venues hides a secret. To discover it, you need to use the password “I’m here to see the Mayor”. This is key to discovering this secret place behind the fridge. There you will enter in The Mayor Scaredy Cat Town, a secret, rustic and charming bar.

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town offers great and approachable cocktail bar. If you like great cocktails, you must try one of Fresh’n’Up, Blood & Slander or Mayor’s Hot Buttered Rum (taste of Cocktail are cool as much as their name). The Mayor’s cocktails variety is the key point, which really attract people.

The feel of this underground bar is probably the best quality of this bar. This cosy underground venue that feels like a cross between a lock in and trendy cocktail bar. The icing on the cake, which make it perfect, is the friendly and attentive staff.

If you go there, you must respect one rule “Never exit through the fridge door”, in order to help keep their little secret!

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town