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Best Music-Focused Corporate Events


More and more frequently, teams are looking for private events that hit the right note and office teams all over the UK are thoroughly enjoying events on the musical side! From choirs to making your own music video, these events are popular with both music fanatics and just those up for a laugh! What could be more uniting for an office? Altogether now!


Choir Training

choir corporate event
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It wasn’t just popular at Christmas, choir training is sought after by companies year round. Choir training is particularly great for those looking for an ongoing event that brings the whole team together to work on something time and time again to create something special but is also good as a singular lesson. The team gets to try something fun and different, feel a sense of union from harmonising and find that their team skills and confidence are bettered. For more reasons why choir training is bringing office groups together, see our previous article.


Make a Music Video

make a music video
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This event is for those who are fun and creative. Gather your team together in a fun location with a premise for a music video. Pick a song and follow the fashion advice assigned to you before the event – agree on themed outfits, and be guided through the process of making a music video! A professional dance choreographer will lead your team through the dance steps of each scene of the video and you will rehearse until you’re ready to shoot. The multiple clips of different scenes shot during the day will be professionally edited and arranged together to make a music video we are sure your team will cherish forever!


Live Music

harp live music corporate events
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Those looking for private events that are more outward facing than inward, typically arrange dinners, canape receptions and presentations but what really changes the atmosphere of an event is, of course, music! Live music in an event can have a number of effects, depending on what it is you book and what you’re trying to achieve. For a calm atmosphere, live pianists or acoustic musicians is considered the best option, offering an element of class to any event. Presentations and product launches always benefit from something a little bit more upbeat! Themed events with relevant music also does well!


This music-related blog post was inspired by the anniversary of Bowie’s death and you can catch commemorative events here.

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