Pop Up Caterers Burgers and Bubbles!

Summer means outdoor socials and that means pop up caterers! You can only be the best in business if you have the best and we think we do…

Look out for DJ BBQ at your favourite festival, bar, street, backyard, and field. He will be cooking up some tasty BBQ food whilst laying down some of the best party tunes known to this earth. Alternatively, invite him along to provide the food and soundtrack at one of your private events!


pop up caterers dj bbq food meat

The secrets of his ‘Ultimeatum’ burger, a guide to inducing a meat coma from a single burger, as promised, are as follows. 8 oz. burger cooked on homemade charcoal, with Monterey jack cheese, topped off with a handful of 21-hour slow cooked pork shoulder and a slice of spit roast beef. If that sounds like something that you and your team may enjoy, then investigate further! (Note. He nicked the name for this burger from the cartoon show The Regular; however, their ‘Ultimeatum’ was always made in space).


pop up caterers bubble bros prosecco van
Bubble Bros Package

If you were looking for less meaty pop up caterers, we also offer a wide and varied selection of outdoor caterers for corporate events, including the quirky Bubble Bros and their prosecco van! The 3-wheeled Piaggio Ape, imported from Italy and lovingly converted into a unique little bar provides bubbly by the barrel, literally. What’s not to like?


Either of these fantastic caterers would be perfect at one of our outdoor events. List of Life offers many events of this regard– maybe an away day at the Forest Works or one of our team building events that take the team outside their comfort zones, challenging them to new ideas and promoting creative thinking. And it is a well-known fact that creative thinking can be inspired by a decent burger!


To learn more about DJ BBQ see our Linked in page here.


Image credits: DJ BBQ