Challenging Away Days Vs Creative Office Breakout Sessions

Sailing regatta

Both long, away days packed with fun activities, skills training and shorter but more frequent bursts of creative activity benefit a business. Corporate events are, in this way, a necessary part of every business because you can’t get the best out of your employees if they’re stuck in repetitive routine. To break routine and challenge them with unique corporate events is to encourage initiative, teamwork, social cohesion and bring new inspiration into the office upon the team’s return. But knowing where to start is hard.


Survival training

If your year is particularly busy then it might seem more convenient for you to clear the schedule of one specific day and organise a large scale event for the whole team then. The best events for these requirements are events that offer a new challenge to the team to encourage their teamwork or activities such as sailing a boat or a survival weekend. Your team might also respond well to games that take all day and are ridiculous enough to allow everyone a break from work and the opportunity to have fun with colleagues  such as Mariokart racing or chocolate making.


Blindfolded builder

Alternatively, for schedules that are busy most days but have the occasional lull, the office will benefit from shorter but more frequent bursts of breaks. There are more events that will come directly to your office for a quick hour or so session of training and creativity than you might think. This efficiently saves on time that might have been spent travelling and replenishes the team’s motivation exponentially. Maybe you’ll benefit from a creative burst of a team project, a trust exercise or a good laugh!

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