Four Ideas For Live Entertainment at Your Christmas Party

It may only be July but the best Christmas performers are already being booked up. We can only assume that by now you have already arranged for an event planner to manage your Christmas event – and if you haven’t, you should give us a call quick! Live entertainment is an important element of setting the atmosphere of your event so we’re here with suggestions to help you make your important decision.


Magicians and Illusionists


Christmas is the most magical time of the year so it is not unusual to find magicians at the heart of live entertainment. Magicians and illusionists are especially popular in the form of organised shows, in a performance style venue, or invited to a stand up party where they tour the room, entrancing guests on smaller scales. If you find the usual magic tricks a little outdated, try newer performers, trained in mind reading and offering more personalised tricks to your guests! This is also a great way for staff to get to know each other better!


Live Music


Live music makes the perfect live entertainment to any Christmas party that does not revolve around an activity. For example, a sit down meal works well with music in the background or a performance near the end. Themed Christmas parties should always have a tribute band from the era or genre to truly set the scene and throw the guests into an immersive experience. Traditional Christmas parties in venues with a dance floor, should also have live music rather than a DJ for the occasion. It’s always a hit.


Live Actors


There are two main styles of Christmas party events that would greatly benefit from live actors. The first being a sit down meal, where a story would enhance the occasion and entertain guests, or, especially if the event is a murder mystery or themed dinner, immerse them! The second style of event where live actors work wonders is a stand up event where, among your guests, you plant live performers to lift spirits, encourage discussion and contribute to the theme of the evening. Live actors interacting with your guests is always exciting!




When you want your theme to be more subtle, perhaps you’d like the Christmas event to focus more on the people spending time together, rather than becoming an audience, dancers always work. The important thing is to stick to your theme. For example, choose contortionists for circus themes or aerial artists for something more dramatic. It’s important to consider the space first so that your dancers become part of the furniture, where there is space for them, rather than being abruptly placed. Well connected event planners will be able to organise this for you!


The key to live entertainment is to excite your guests without it interrupting the theme of the evening. Live entertainment sets the atmosphere and maintains the mood. For advice regarding your own Christmas party, call us on 020 7274 4865!