Cirque Le Soir London

Though most clubs would like to claim that they can give you an unforgettable night, the ‘Cirque Le Soir‘, Ganton Street, London, really can.

Cirque Le Soir London club
Image credit: tmmb on Flickr

The quirky venue is unique in every way, including its strange décor that is rich in classic circus colours, its staff dressed up magically and most importantly, its entertainment. Each night is different at the Cirque Le Soir; Monday is fancy dress, Wednesday boasts its popular live DJ’s for ‘hype hop’ night, Friday is ‘censored’ but the most popular night of all is Saturday. Saturday is the most immersive night of the week at Cirque Le Soir when the circus really does come to town. Several circus performers lurk in corners of the club to demonstrate their tricks including a live snake charming act and flying dwarves. Cirque Le Soir shy away from nothing and are used to confusion, their motto being ‘If you don’t know, don’t worry!’ For entry, you must dress to impress.


Cirque Le Soir London club
Image credit: Jet Lee on Flickr

The club is also regularly hired out for corporate events. They have hosted both small events holding 150 people and larger events where they have accommodated 500 people. They have a range of packages to choose from, all including food, drink and entertainment but are eager to accommodate when asked about external caterers, audio-visual equipment, disabled access, late licensing and redecorating the venue. When you visit the Cirque Le Soir yourself, you will be following the footsteps of several celebrity guests who keep returning to the circus, including Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rihanna, Kanye West, Madonna and, all captivated by the curious club. Just make sure you are granted entry in time to see the 1am show. It is everyone’s favourite.


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