Don’t Play With Your Food…Or Do?

The team at Bompas and Parr, food extraordinaires, have clearly heard the phrase ‘don’t play with your food’ one too many times…and then ignored it. Originally establishing themselves in the jelly industry—both edible and magnificent architecturally sound displays, Bompas & Parr have gone on to do weird and wonderful things with food.

Image credit: Gemma Bardsley on Flickr

Their menus are reminiscent of Victorian feasts with plenty courses of exploding tastes and flavours and their cocktails are apparently to die for but that isn’t where the fun ends. Bompas & Parr experiment with food itself as well as its enjoyment. Their projects include immersive dining experiences where dining rooms are played with just as much as the food just to see if they can intensify the flavours their diners experience.


Image credit: Caroline on Flickr

Their food has been considered literal art and displayed in many the museum and art exhibition along with their food experiments. From using gherkins water and vinegar content to light up an entire gherkin chandelier and shooting some coffee beans into space just because, Bompas and Parr take the term ‘foodies’ to a whole new level when they explore what use our food is outside of nourishment and whether a journey into the stratosphere would make any difference to flavour.


Alcoholic Architecture
Image credit: Chris Reed on Flickr

Bompas and Parr take us back to a younger age when we were curious about food…and if you’re inspired by their curiosity, you can join them in experimenting at their latest food inspired exhibitions: Alcoholic Architecture, an immersive room where breathing in will intoxicate you which is due to close soon at Borough Market or gaze at the Jelly Parlour of Wonders set up in Harrods.