Canapé Reception

The overview

A canapé reception is the most popular form of corporate event, perhaps because they are the most flexible, allowing people to talk, listen and network without fuss.

At List of Life, we regularly organise fantastic canapé receptions and put our success down to having a truly great understanding of what is needed to organise and run the perfect canapé reception.

  • Variety – We cater to people’s varied dietary requirements by serving a range of fillings such as meat, fish, vegetarian and even sweet canapés if the canapé reception is longer.
  • Service – We serve more than the average amount of canapés with our formula of success: 8-10 canapés per person per hour! We are attentive, with great service, and ensure no one is left waiting.
  • Quality – We only use award-winning caterers in our canapé receptions and use the best sommeliers to ensure the wines are perfectly matched to the flavours of the canapés. 
  • Purpose – If you’re having a canapé reception then there is reason to have one. At List of Life, we never lose sight of the purpose of a canapé reception to guarantee that the event meets its goals, be it to network, fund raise or deliver information, we ensure that the format is right for the purpose.

Our dedication to quality makes every canapé reception we organise a great one!


  • An evening of canapés tailored to your personal requirements
  • A variety of food and flavours to suit all guests’ dietary requirements and preferences
  • Quality award-winning food
  • Excellent service
  • A flexible event for any celebration, award’s night or fundraising evening