Kayak on The Thames

The overview

If you want the best views London has to offer, you have to go underneath it. If you want new experiences of London, you have to work with it. We’re talking about wild experiences that put you at one with London, experiencing its beauty at full force: like a trip to kayak on the Thames.

Kayak on The Thames

For a truly remarkable experience that you won’t forget, Kayak on the Thames! At the very heart of London, you can catch the sunset under your favourite, most picturesque landmarks such as Tower Bridge. This great water experience will wow anyone and regularly sees groups of friends, family and colleagues sharing the evening of adventure.

During this 4 hour 30 minute experience, expect to get straight into the action by getting on the water at Limehouse basin before kayaking to the beautiful Tower Bridge where you can sit and enjoy the glorious sunset upon the Thames. You will then be able to climb back to solid ground for dinner and drinks before kayaking back to the start.


  • A truly unique and wild experience
  • All equipment provided
  • A new view of the city
  • Guaranteed to see the sunset
  • Dinner and drinks as part of the package
  • Great talking point with clients
  • Wonderful treat for family and friends
  • Active once-in-a-lifetime experience