Shaka Zulu

The overview

Shaka Zulu is an amazing South African themed venue featuring a restaurant, bars and a club in the heart of Camden Market. The decor pays homage to the King of the Zulus, Shaka with impressive statues of Shaka himself, which stand around 20-feet high. Mosaics, African patterns, carvings, water features, zebra prints, intricate murals and paintings adorn the interior.

There’s also South African slant to the food and drink, with dishes ranging from seafood platters and lobster, biltong, boerewors and bobotie to South African game meats such as zebra, crocodile and springbok. While the drinks menu is also inspired by the theme, with signature cocktails such as Simba and Pappayedura and a wine list that promotes South Africa’s wine making history.

The immersive décor, alongside popular house music and African beats makes the transition between an evening of delicious South African inspired food in the restaurant to a night in a club extremely easy. Both the restaurant and club shares the same venue so all you have to do is finish your meal before dancing the rest of the night away.


  • An outstanding themed venue with a resturant, bars and a club.
  • Transition from a private dining experience to a club night with the general public