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Festive Must-Eats (And Where to Find Them)

Christmas, and winter in general, is a time where food is in abundance. From winter home comforts such as soup to the sweet treats found at every Christmas market around, there’s a lot of Christmas food to eat and not enough time! Since, at List of Life, we are the biggest foodies around, we have compiled a list of all the must-eat treats and where to find them! Eat your way around the city!

Roasted nuts

christmas food must eat roasted nuts candied nuts sugar
Martin Fisch, Flickr

The smell is unavoidable. We don’t think that you necessarily need any guidance on this one and could simply follow your sense of smell but we’ll explain it anyway. Honey roasted nuts, sugar covered cashews, the world turns positively nutty this time of year and so do we! You can find good sugar roasted nuts at markets but they are especially good from independent stalls found at popular tube stations such as Tower Bridge and other tourist areas. Roasted sugar nuts are the ultimate Christmas food.


Churros and Chocolate Crepes

christmas food must eat churros and chocolate
x_tine, Flickr

The sweet treats are another Christmas food classic. Churros are hard to find unless you know where to look for them. Since they typically only set up in areas of tourism, you have to think like a tourist! Think along Southbank by the river or side streets close to Oxford Street madness. A fantastic chocolate crepe stand sits at the end of Oxford Street opposite Ben’s Cookies (so don’t be tempted there first). Other parts of the UK typically have churro stands closer to the festivities so find markets and fairground rides!


Mulled Wine

christmas food festive must eats treats
rpavich, Flickr

Located every other stall in Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, mulled wine is a sure sign that it is Christmas and it wouldn’t be the same without it. Brave the cold of an evening and trust that the hot good stuff will warm you up! Our favourite so far has been found in a small hut close to the Southbank Centre—you’ll know it when you taste it! Other parts of the UK seem to have taken their mulled wine inside so visit your local pub (preferably one with a roaring fire) to tick this one off the list!


Happy hunting of the Christmas food and merry eatmas!

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Header image credit: Alisa Anton, Unsplash