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FOMO: What is it and How Does it Benefit Your Event?

With so much on these days, everybody’s got FOMO. FOMO, the fear of missing out, is exactly what it says on the tin. If you have ever been unable to attend a social event and worried that you might miss out on something, then you’re already familiar with it. Here’s why it matters in the events industry.


If there is no FOMO, there are low expectations

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If your guests can safely RSVP ‘no’ to your event without any hint of FOMO then there are low expectations. Guests should feel as though there will be lots on offer at your event and it is this expectation that creates FOMO. If it’s a networking event, highlight that the best in the business are invited so no one will want to miss it. For a tech event, talk about the latest game changing product you’ll be showcasing. Never let guests think that your event could swing either way. Always set expectations. This is the start of FOMO.


Tease details 

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If you have received confirmations, always include some description on your event invitations. Catching your guests interest is vital when creating potential FOMO. Invite thought leaders to talk at your events for expert advice. Ensure you have collaborated with a brand that has a useful product or concept for your guests to be introduced to. Highlight that the evening’s entertainment is a thrilling experience. What about your event makes it so important? What could they possibly miss?


Enable bragging rights

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Nobody likes a brag but word of mouth is key to maintaining a healthy dose of FOMO around your event. If you have the best of the best and are creating an event that is unique and brag-worthy then attendees will talk. Make it easy for your guests to share information, pictures and videos of what’s to come of the event with others. When their excitement increases so does FOMO. Event planners run in similar circles and you’re bound to increase interest.


Leave them wanting more

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A guest who enjoyed a previous event is a guest who will return! Never disappoint an attendee and always set the bar high for the next event. It’s the easiest way to win someone over! Better yet, if they can leave your event with photos and other evidence of a great night then their colleagues and friends will be more likely to want to attend the next one! Those with FOMO from an event will have their suspicions confirmed: they missed out but they won’t next time!


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