Better Your Teams Top Skills

We researched a variety of companies to see if there were any similarities in what skills they looked for in their employees and which of these skills they prioritised as most important for success. The top three aren’t surprising! Now we know the facts, we decided to go one step further and find corporate events that better these three skills so managing directors can make their team as skilled as possible!


Team Work

Sailing regatta
Sailing regatta

Working effectively in a team is a skill imperative for any job. Employers look for this attribute when sifting through applicants and managers expect it from the team they are managing. Many of the away days, events and breakout sessions we offer are structured around enhancing teamwork to improve work productivity. One of the away days particularly good at enhancing team communication and cohesion is the sailing regatta. You have to work closely with your team mates in learning a new skill, where every man on board has an intrinsic role and responsibility. There is option to race against your team mates, creating an opportunity for your team to work together towards the same goal- of beating your opponents!



Solve Problems

problem solving
Escape rooms

Problem solving is a very desirable attribute in the workplace. Both with concrete issues you are faced with to overcome, as well as having a curious and questioning nature by which you can manage issues before they become real problems. List of Life offers an Escape room away day programme. This is going to test your ability to solve problems, by deducing information from clues dotted around the room in order to escape the room. As well as testing, it is a fun experience where you will learn how to better solve problems by lateral thinking and working with your team.



Make decisions

woodland survival
Survival weekend (Credit)

Assertive yet considered decision-making is a valuable skill in the workplace. List of Life’s woodlands survival activity is a great way to enhance your decision-making skills in a group environment. This Woodlands Survival Weekend gives you and your team the chance to learn some important survival skills as well as encouraging the team to work as one. You and your team will experience living in its most basic form; spending the day foraging for food and learning survival skills. It is therefore necessary to make difficult decisions, but they have to be made!


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