How to Announce Your Event The Right Way

Once all the hard work and planning has gone into your event, it’s ready to be announced! There are some details that are necessary to include. Here’s how to ensure the proper announcement of an event.


The W’s


Make sure your announcement includes the 5 W’s. Everybody needs to know what the event is, where it will be, when it will be, who it is for and why. It sounds like a lot of information but is actually really simple. Begin by titling your event and adding a few sentences such as that it’s a networking event or for fundraising etc. Then clearly list the date, time and location. If you can, include what’s so great about the venue or a little fact if it’s relevant to your event. If you say something memorable, you can bet people won’t forget to go!


The Incentive


Every event needs an incentive. You are asking people to part with their valuable time and, depending on the event, perhaps even their money! You have to insert energy into the invitation or how will people know to get excited? In our experience, it always helps to make some part of the event free. Whether that’s free drinks, free food or a free activity, it gives people an incentive to go because they feel they’ll get something out of it! Give the people an experience that they can’t get elsewhere and they will come!


The Hype


No one wants to go to an event that they know other people aren’t attending. The more hype you create surrounding an event, the more people won’t want to miss out.  Provide photos of the last similar event to demonstrate the success of the events. Get peoples’ feedback from your last event to also put some positive experiences behind you. Make your event as socially accessible as possible! List your hashtags and social media handles on the invitation and let people find you and previous work online. And, finally, make RSVP’ing to your event easy!


If you’ve got an event to plan, give us a call or leave us a comment and we’ll make it happen!