How To Engage Your Employees

The average adult has been scientifically proven to only be able to concentrate properly for around twenty minutes at best. This can be a daunting piece of information as a managing director. What are you to do if your office team are supposedly not on track and not producing quality work for most of the day? We looked at simple changes and ways to ensureo concentration in the office on our Linked in page, which you can read here. Here’s how to engage your employees.

If you are committed to encouraging stronger concentration, here are some more ways to reboot the brain:

Change Tasks

engage your employees office concentration
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The worst thing for concentration is repetition so working for too long on the same task is a recipe for disaster but easy to remedy. The average person has a reasonably long to-do list of the day’s tasks which means there is a lot of room for chopping and changing what you work on. Suggesting to your employees that they don’t work on the same task for too long and give themselves breaks from one task in order to chip away at the other will ensure that their concentration is replenished with the changing of task and should maintain the production of quality work and prevent lapses in focus.


Brain Exercises

engage your employees office concentration
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Don’t worry, no one is suggesting you encourage the whole company to perform jumping jacks and stretch on request but there are simple and quick ways to better the brain power in moments of distraction that might otherwise be spent doodling on a Post-It note. For example, place your two hands against each other. Lift the same finger on both hands at the same time, moving from the thumb to the little finger and back again. The fingers should tap against each other in a Mexican-wave type way. Massaging the temples for a minute and trying to tap your head and rub your stomach at the same time also have focusing effects.


Stimulating Breaks

engage your employees office concentration
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Taking a break from work entirely is the best way of bettering the focus of your employees. There are two different types of break that are effective at this. Firstly, you might like to arrange a break that has nothing to do with work. This might be outside of the office or within it. Alternatively, you might like an event that exercises focus and creativity within an hour or so. We have a great selection of breakout sessions that range from arts, crafts, team-building and social activities that you can look over for inspiration here.


For more tips read our Linked in article here.

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