How To Stay Event Prof Cool

Being an event professional or an event manager is a taxing job sometimes. There will always be a lot going on at any given time with multiple events to manage, let alone planning hiccups, and it’s important to keep your cool. Here are 3 steps to avoid stress, stay calm and collected, and better manage events.



prepare notebook organized

‘If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. It’s a common phrase that can be applied to many situations but, of course, it’s most true in the events industry. It’s easy to stay cool and collected as an event prof if you’ve planned and prepared correctly. By asking the right questions and by anticipating every step of an event, you can avoid tasks and challenges that threaten to rumble you and your team. The benefits, however, are twofold, because an event prof is never more calm than when they know they are well prepared. (Thanks placebo effect!)




Events, best known for bringing people together, have the same effect behind the scenes, at the place every event is created. If you’re working under time constraints or a plan has to be scrapped and reorganised last minute, the best event profs understand that it’s okay to ask for help. Delegate tasks efficiently among your team to be in multiple places at once. A task with enough time will always be done better than a task rushed so asking for help can only ever better your event!


Know Your Network


Events are as much  about networking for the event profs as they are for the corporate businesses they work with. In a time of need, a good event prof will know their network well enough to be able to call upon someone. Building relationships at every opportunity will create a good safety net for errands, favours and saving time in knowing exactly who to call upon in the organisation of an event and exactly where to go for the most important elements of an event. A cool and collected event prof is one who knows her suppliers like the back of their hand!



Be sure to share this with your team for tips and tag any cool event profs that already have these skills under their belt! If there is anything you would add, please do start the discussion!

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