Increase Work Productivity And Office Happiness With This Scary Shortlist

Recent research into the effects of stress and adrenaline on the body seems to suggest that, while chronic and ongoing stress is the most harmful to the body, causing the most cellular damage, short bursts of stress and adrenaline are actually good for the body, showing no signs of cellular damage but increased rates of oxygen, endorphins and lower stress levels. As an employer, it is your duty to minimise stress in the workplace but giving your employees a good scare outside of the office can make them happier and less stressed!

While the typically suggested adrenaline-filled activities such as bungee jumping and skydiving are not always appropriate corporate events, we have shortlisted some fearfully great events that are!



parkour corporate event teambuilding
Image credit: Beth Jusino on Flickr

Jumping at and running on various buildings is sure to give your team the thrill of a scare! Using the world as their gymnasium, team members, in this Parkour workshop, will have to learn balance and bravery. Led by an expert parkour trainer, they should be up to the challenge but one thing is for certain: Leaping and rolling off the urban environment is sure to encourage adrenaline in your colleagues which will beat stress and increase endorphins!


Escape Rooms

escape room corporate event teambuilding
Escape Rooms

This is an indoor event sure to get a healthy amount of fear out of you and your team. Based on a popular TV show, the escape rooms event gives your team just sixty minutes to escape but first they must solve riddles, complete puzzles and work together, using initiative and combined skills to do so. The countdown of the time inspires adrenaline in everyone and isn’t the only benefit of the event since the team will also better their communication and initiative!


Wilderness Survival

woodland survival camping
Wilderness Survival

This event can be as calm or as thrilling as you choose to make it since you can keep it educational or make it a little more intense! Throughout the duration of your event you will be trained by survival, bush craft and ex military members who will teach you wilderness skills such as fire-making, shelter building, food foraging and tool chiselling.  You can add a competitive element or time constraint to the tasks which always elicits an adrenaline-fuelled and excited response!


Mario-Kart Racing

mario kart racing corporate event teambuilding

This corporate event is the most adrenaline you can get in a game. Immerse yourself in the popular game of Mario-Kart with a real-like twist: choose costumes, build cars and get your props ready! Racing around the venue, picking up weapons to throw at your colleagues while you dodge various tricks and hindrances to make a quick bid for the finish line will set you and your team on the adrenaline edge! This fast-paced fun event is a real crowd pleaser and, whilst it might not be practicing communication, it is certainly increasing social cohesion!

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Header image credit: Ashley Diener on Flickr