Musical Bingo

Indeedy Musical Bingo

We believe there is nothing better than letting your hair down, dancing the night away and singing along to your favourite songs but what if I was to tell you, recognising the songs could be your ticket to winning a prize. Indeedy Musical Bingo is like a regular game of bingo, except instead of calling out numbers they play songs. Players mark songs off  on their bingo cards as they hear them to win some eccentric prizes.


The idea was created by Indeedy Inc., a nightlife and party design company headed by husband and wife team Jess Indeedy and DJ Charles ‘Helix’ Brockbank, who have been putting on their competition in London & New York since 2007. It started as a one-off for a festival but fans were left wanting more of this amazing event. Each night is themed in a musical style and along with costumes and kitsch prizes it’s a night all about fun. Just take a look at the video they dedicated to their fans to see exactly why they keep coming back.