The Vaults

Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to The Night Circus

Once upon a time a mysterious travelling circus born… Built only in black and white, this Circus of Dreams opens only at night. In this fantastic world, acrobats, fortune-tellers, and contortionists and a myriad of other performers are all welcome in this magical place.
If you want to bring a new perspective for your Christmas party, come to The Vaults! Inspired by this fantasy novel by Erin Morgenstern, the Vaults will make this circus of dreams come true like. The night Circus is a mix of faeries and magic and that will transport you to another world. Known for their background in immersive theatre and collaborating with Darling & Edge to create venue decoration that will inspire.

This event of course comes jam packed with the best food supplied by The Recipe, (caterer of the year 2010 and 2012) and of course, a surprising array of entertainment including bands DJ’s and also live action characters to interact with your staff. You will discover the endless maze room or even the zebra carousel.

The Vaults has so much going on it is bound to please everyone!
If you are still not sure this is for you check out their video that included footage from previous events and concepts for the current event:


As you leave the night circus you may not be the same person who entered!