Loyle Carner’s Cooking School Inspires Corporate Responsibility


Loyle Carner recently opened a cooking school that teaches children with ADHD culinary skills. Having grown up with ADHD himself and finding the process of cooking calming, he used his success to give back to the community with this generous investment of his time and efforts. Companies can learn a lot from Loyle Carner in regards to corporate responsibility.

For many companies, their work has clear effects on the surrounding area and environment which they use as a place to start their corporate responsibility. For other companies, the opportunities aren’t quite so clear. Here are some suggestions of charitable activities your company might choose to do.


Soup/Food Kitchens

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Though they are often only thought of around Christmas, soup kitchens are open all year round and our commitment to them should be also. Donating even just a few afternoons a year to your local kitchen can make a difference to your immediate community. Donate money, food and your time into feeding the homeless and know that the more hands in the kitchen, the more food they can produce and the more people they can help!


Sustainable Solutions

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As mentioned in our corporate responsibility explained article, a good place to start is your everyday work. Assess the harmful effects you might have caused over the year and aim to right them. For example, you might calculate all the paper you have used and help sustainable charities plant more trees. You can even order tree planting packs which help you and your company plant trees wherever you are.



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When no clear corporate responsibility is obvious, look at local charities. Fundraising is both fun and useful! Fundraising campaigns can be as simple or as silly as you like. From fancy dress and bake sales to running a team marathon, your office team can have an enthusiastic break from work to regularly contribute to charities.



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