5 Ways to Make an Event Budget Stretch Further

Event planners are frequently confronted with a fixed budget and event criteria that spans it all. They regularly have to make a little go a long way in order to meet event criteria but without compromising quality. Here are five ways to make an event budget stretch further.


Save on the venue with research 

events planning venue

Most venues come with a small range of options for decorating. This is an easy area to save event budget in when planning. A good event planner will be able to mind map key pieces such as furniture, decorations and props for the event and then shop around for the best prices for the budget allowed. Anticipating what needs to be prioritised over the items that aren’t examined much at an event is a great place to start. Often, a lot of the budget can be saved just by researching where to source the necessary items from.


Save on the catering by being creative

event planning catering

Not every event needs a full meal. In fact, plenty of events work better with stand up food, saving on space and budget! A successful events planner will be able to anticipate the atmosphere and carefully recommend the best catering options as per the purpose of your event. By serving canapés and stand-up food, you save on food quantity, chef’s time, linen and glassware rentals and venue space. Spend some of the saved budget on big flavours, high quality ingredients and excellent waiting staff.


Save on technology by using better tech solutions

event planning event tech

Save on the screens, sound systems, time, signage and staff by upgrading your event tech. Create an app dedicated to your event ahead of the date that helps guests locate the venue, guides them to where they need to be and have any presentations and notes sent to guests smart devices. This does not only save the budget but also provides a more modern approach to events that makes it easier for the guests to remember the information, as they can take it away with them and also share it with other people!


Use Sponsors 

events planning sponsors

A great way to save money and make a budget stretch further for a corporate event is to use sponsors. Before buying things like equipment, music, illustration and design work, theming and event tech, see if there is a possibility of providers sponsoring your event. Provide your guests with a leaflet or brochure that outlines the sponsor’s products used in the event, provide them a need for the same equipment and reward them with a discount on the leaflet so that both you and your sponsor benefit from the collaborative effort on your event.


Invite volunteers

events planning waiter volunteer

There are lots of people looking to get into the events industry. Before hiring a number of staff, from operational advisors guiding guests to where they need to be, to waiting staff, photographers and entertainers, an expert events planner will research the possibility of volunteers before spending their client’s budget. Though this route may require more vetting, there are a number of benefits both for you, your client and the volunteers themselves. This is a great area to save money in, thus making the budget stretch further.


Wherever money can be saved, it can be spent elsewhere to ensure that the event is as big as it possibly can be. What are your tips for making an event budget stretch further? We’d love to hear them!