Making a Healthier Office

We spend half of nearly every waking day working but is the office a healthy place to spend such long amounts of time?  See if you can make your office a healthier place to be with the following tips.


Ergonomic Chairs

healthier office Ergonomic Chairs

In the modern world, with health information so easily accessible, it’s rare to come across an office that doesn’t have ergonomic chairs. The benefits are numerous, of course. If you’re seated properly and comfortably, you’ll work better. Better posture leads to less back pain and problems which, ultimately, means less time off work and better productivity!



healthier office

Sitting down for so long, as most jobs require you to do, is incredibly bad for your health. It’s linked to high blood pressure, obesity and cardiovascular disease but all of these things can be avoided with a little more movement! Stand and stretch every once in a while. Walk flamboyantly to the coffee machine. Use the toilets on a different floor. Incorporate ways of increasing your steps and decreasing your downtime to keep yourself healthy and, more importantly, awake!



healthier office laptop

Stuffy offices, even on a cool weather day, are bad for your health. Not only is the stale air in an office more likely o cause allergies to dust but it also affects your mental ability. A Harvard Study in 2015 found that offices with increased ventilation and lower levels of air pollutants were linked to better employee performance. Open the windows or get an air purifying system to keep everybody working at their best.



greenry plants

Multiple studies have linked greenery to increased creative output and plenty of plants purify the air so be sure to bring the outside into the office! Choose plants that aren’t strongly scented but are a lush, bright colour for an uplifting and cleaner office atmosphere. Likewise, avoid dark paints and furniture in an office– no one ever created anything interesting when surrounded by mundanity. Keep the office as bright and as light as possible.


Natural Lighting

healthier office natural lighting

Workers who sit near a window that receives natural light have reduced stress, higher energy levels, are more active and sleep better. Have you noticed yourself or colleagues, when farthest from the natural light, are sluggish? Try to reduce artificial light as much as possible to reduce the risk of eye strain and, instead, let the natural light do the work!

Increase office morale and wellbeing with these easy ways of making the office healthier.