Nanny Bill's - Real Food

Nanny Bill’s – Real Food

We are delighted to announce we have found a new caterer!

Nanny Bill’s is a real family affair, Darren Simpson, was always inspired by his grandmother, Edie Simpson, affectionately known as Nanny Bill. She loved cooking for her family, that’s probably why Darren is passionate for cooking also. Nanny bill is a legend from North London, she ran the family café during the 70s and 80s. Following his inspiration, Darren desire to act like his Nanny by serving Real Food throughout the UK.

The business started last year, when Nanny Bill’s caterer opened the hatch to his 1970’s Citroen HY truck. They offer croquettes with delicious Mac’n’Cheese, Slow-cooked Beef & Ale as well as Pea, Mint & Feta. You can also taste their weekly special sandwiches bring inspired flavours to the menu with Slow-roasted Jerk Chicken and Pulled Pork as strong favourites. You will be surprise by this delicious homemade cooking from this beloved food truck.

The following pictures will make you hungry!

Nanny Bill's Burger food

Nanny Bill's Croquettes food