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New Year Resolutions Everybody Should Have

From all of us here at List of Life, we wish you a happy new year and hope 2017 is great for everybody! We find that the best way to kick-start any new year is to set some goals. Though a lot of new year resolutions are personal, we think there are some that everybody should try to achieve!

Set Specific Career Goals

set goals new year resolution
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It is easy to become comfortable with your working habits but there is always room for improvement. Maybe you want to move up the ladder within your career or maybe you’ve thought of changing direction entirely. By setting aside time to look around or learn a new skill relevant to your field, you’re sure to improve!




Manage Your Stress

manage stress new year resolution
Pat Pilon, Flickr

We so often wear stress as a badge these days and it’s becoming a dangerous habit. It’s generally held that if you’re not stressed, you’re not working hard enough. The problem, however, is that stress is the silent killer. Though we don’t hear enough about it, stress has fatal side-effects that weaken your immune system, raise your blood pressure, causes headaches, early aging and even heart attacks. Make it a resolution to manage your stress and see a happier healthier you for it!


Manage Your Time

manage time new year resolution
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Too much to do, not enough time? That might be how we feel but if you look objectively, you might be surprised to find time after all. We think everyone can benefit from making more time in 2017, be it time to go on holiday, time to see friends and family or just time to unwind. Better organisation leads to better productivity so be sure to make the time to feel fulfilled and then reap the benefits in your working life!


Let us know how you get on with these new year resolutions!

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Featured image: Brigette Tohm, Unsplash