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The Benefits of Your Event Having its Own Website

There are many events that you have attended that will have had their own website. When you are an event company that organises multiple events a year, it might be something you forget to consider. But, since there are many...

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Why You Should Give Away Freebies at Your Event

When organising an event, there are many expenses to be considered. As long as you have the venue, the catering, the entertainment and the staff, you probably think job done! There are, however, plenty of other things you should be thinking...

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Indoor Skydiving: How it Works, Why Your Team Should do it!

If you’re looking to give your team a thrill, try indoor skydiving! What is it?  For a long time, skydiving was an outdoor-only activity. It’s typically done in tourist locations or with known views which made it a great experience...

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3 Steps to a Smooth Event Journey

It’s all about customer journey in the event industry. There’s no point organising a sophisticated event if you’re not going to give the attendee a seamless journey. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can ensure that an attendee experiences...

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3 Ways You Can Make Your Event Attendee Badges Smarter

The event industry is growing and there’s no room for small players. With the event tech leaders creating not only better products, but more affordable ones, there’s no excuse for basic events! Turn a small element of your event into...

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Should You Ban Phones at Your Event?

There has been some recent debate over whether or not to leave phones at the door of your event. We thought we would consider both sides and weigh in our verdict!   Phones can be a distraction There’s nothing worse...

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3 Reasons to Ditch the VIP Section at Your Event

The VIP section has become a long-standing tradition at clubs, parties and even corporate events. Usually reserved for those with high socio-economic power or influence, they maintain some privacy and distance for the chosen attendees. But is their time in...

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FOMO corporate event

FOMO: What is it and How Does it Benefit Your Event?

With so much on these days, everybody’s got FOMO. FOMO, the fear of missing out, is exactly what it says on the tin. If you have ever been unable to attend a social event and worried that you might miss...

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event tech app

3 Ways to Benefit From an Event App

Event tech is only getting stronger and, as a result, so are your corporate events! With technology moving so fast, it’s easy to become confused with what’s necessary and what isn’t. Event tech trends suggest that apps could be the...

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What is The Right Technology Solution For Your Event?

Technology is everywhere; from the smart devices we carry in our pockets to the self service kiosks in fast food restaurants, we can’t escape it! So it is no surprise that today’s event attendees expect to be consulted, engaged and...

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