Why No One Talked About The Rio Paralympics 2016

The Paralympic games of Rio 2016 came to an end yesterday and Great Britain finished in second place! What’s most surprising is that no one was watching. Great Britain set a record number of views when one billion more of us watched London’s 2012 Paralympic games then Beijing’s Paralympics four years prior but this year the Paralympics only sold 12% of available seats and, it would seem, that despite our winning streaks, we weren’t watching this year’s games.

From an events management perspective, we wanted to investigate what makes an event successful.



 Rio Paralympics
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The superhumans campaign is one of the most exciting advertisements there has ever been and the country responded to it so well four years ago. This time round, however, the advert was shown less frequently. Advertising an event clearly and regularly increases the awareness of an audience and clarifies dates. A person has to do or see something seven times to remember it long-term so increasing advertising is a sure way of committing the date of the event to memory!


Organisation and Information

 Rio Paralympics
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The differing time zones of the games will always be an issue, regardless of where the Olympics are held. What could have been managed better, however, is clarification of when the events were on. It seems as though a large majority of the audience claims that they would have watched more of the event had they known what activities were on at what time so that they could tune in to the parts they were interested in. It is very important to clearly inform people of the details of an event for it to be successful.


Anticipating Demands

 Rio Paralympics
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A large part of consistently organising successful events is the ability to anticipate your clients’ needs before they become a problem. If you can understand what a client wants without them having to tell you then you are already ahead of any problems. Carefully note down what an event needs to run smoothly and be sure to prepare this beforehand so you can avoid running into any problems.


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