Notting Hill Carnival- what we have learned from this year’s mistakes

Here are some helpful tips for Notting Hill Carnival based on mistakes made this year…

How to get there

Notting Hill Carnival
Image credit: Simon, on Flickr

Congestion and delays are predictable, so follow our savvy tips rather than following the crowd to get you there faster, and in better spirits. Go to a nearby station and walk. Do not get the tube to Notting Hill Gate station like every other of the 1 million people going. Extensive queuing and hot overfilled carriages does not make that experience a particularly pleasant one. Get off the tube at High Street Kensington, Queensway or another surrounding station and walk the rest of the way. Avoids the crowds, yet is still good for people watching.

Where’s good to eat

Notting Hill Carnival food chicken
Image Credit: Matt Spurr, on Flickr

A sensory experience: jerk chicken, curry goat, fried plantain and corn on the cob are in abundance. Different stalls are of varying quality, use your senses to aid your culinary decision.

TIP: busy stalls is usually indicative of their tasty food.

If you want to try something different, go to The Roti Stop on Golborne Road serving curry wrapped in a flaky bread package.

Quiet spots

Notting Hill Carnival
Image credit: robertsharp, on Flickr

Firstly, if a slightly toned down experience is what you’re after then go on the Sunday. This is more family friendly and supposedly less raucous than the Monday event. If it all gets slightly too much, escape to one of the nearby parks for a breath of fresh air. Hyde Park is not too far away from the carnival site, but feels a million miles away in terms of environment. Walk around the park or give your feet a rest and recharge your batteries before heading back into the festivities. Alternatively, there is an abundance of cute pub gardens around Notting Hill and Ladbroke Grove.


Header image credit: S Pakhrin, on Flickr