Office Joker to Confident Comedic

comedy corporate eventIf you’re looking for a corporate event to inspire confidence, you couldn’t pick a better activity than comedy. Our improvisation-focused comedy package is far from a joke and so is low confidence in the workplace. Any job that is customer facing demands a certain level of confidence in a person, the ability to think on one’s feet and use strong verbal communication skills. These are hard traits to train into a person within the day to day office happenings which can become too comfortable which is why corporate events like this exist: to take people out of the ordinary environment and offer a refreshing that gives people the chance to express themselves.

comedy corporate eventA comedy event that asks people to stand up in front of the rest of the team to deliver a short comedy sketch has many benefits. Firstly, the team will better their cohesion and build rapport with each other because they will have to trust and respect each other until each individual feels supported by the group watching their performances. With guaranteed laughs, the atmosphere is bound to be positive and rewarding. Not only will the event be talked about for years to come but everyone will leave the event having learned about themselves and be able to apply their newly refreshed confidence to work.


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