Pop Ups to Enrich Your Summer Event

Summer events sound perfect at first. When you imagine good weather and guests having fun, a summer corporate event sounds like a dream. The reality is, however, that the heat makes a number of things, such as the activity and the catering, a little difficult. Here are three pop up ideas to solve these problems and enrich your summer event.




When it comes to catering for a corporate event, you have to be sure not to pick food that might spoil in the heat. Why not make the most of the summer weather and theme your food to represent the season? A big BBQ always works for summer events. There are a great deal of healthy and vegetarian recipes for a BBQ also, to really impress and offer something different. Likewise, a deli-style picnic, with both lighter and heavier foods, is always a success, whether served in a spread or in baskets in smaller groups of a larger company.



coolers drinks

You don’t want your summer corporate event to be over the moment people get too hot and uncomfortable. You will need to think ahead and ensure there are pleasant ways in which your guests can cool down. We recommend two pop ups! The first being an ice cream pop up and the latter being drinks such as champagne or juice, served cold. The best ice cream pop ups can make bespoke flavours, tailor made for your event, and drink vendors such as smoothie makers and cocktail mixologists also tend to put on a show whilst they serve!


Beach Vibes

beach vibes

One of the most popular trends at the moment, in summer events, is the beach. It’s a successful choice because it doesn’t necessarily warrant your guests do too much in the heat but still produces an atmosphere and a unique setting. The beach theme can be achieved with some sand, deckchairs and themed signage. We recommend setting up beach games such as volleyball and garden games such as giant Jenga for some gentle fun!


If you have a last-minute summer event to throw, let us know!

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