Rooftop Film Club London

Rooftop Film Club

Going to the cinema sounds simple and potentially not that out of the norm… However, it’s probably because you never watched a movie at the Rooftop Film Club.

The Rooftop Film Club is only available in Los Angeles, New-York, Chicago and… in London! So don’t miss this amazing place.
Even if you have already seen the film, you will appreciate it one more time because the venue will change the way you seen it! We speak from our experience, even though we already knew the movie “Back to the future” like the back of our hand, it was a great time to watch it again at the Rooftop Film Club!

A ticket cost £16.50 including the Booking Fee. It can seems expensive for just a cinema ticket but we assure you that the Rooftop Film Club worth it!

Rooftop Film Club London 2

The venue changes according to the movie that you want to see. Actually, they have a list of classic films such as Back to the Future, Grease, Forrest Gump or even the Grand Budapest Hotel. You can also see more recent movies like Joy, the last Star Wars or The Revenant.

Rooftop Film club moves around to cover area of London! You can go to Bussey Building at Peckham, or at the RoofEsat under the Stratford’s shopping centre, the Queen of Hoxton rooftop in Shoreditch and to finish the Tabacco Dock at Pennington Street. On those rooftop you will have an amazing view on the London’s skyline. On each rooftop, they have smalls stall holders from where you can buy delicious drinks and food. Have a look on Rooftop Film Club to see the menu of the different venues.

Choose your favourite film, join one of the rooftop film club from the sundown to the night!