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Sculpting Great Christmas Activities

Some companies are into Christmas more than others are. Whilst many teams opt for days out and activities that don’t have a festive theme, some specifically look for merry activities to embrace the Christmas period with both hands! We, at List of Life, love to get into the Christmas spirit and have chosen our favourite three Christmas activities that are available for bookings.


Ice sculpting

ice sculpting class corporate christmas activities activity classDuring this season, many of us flock to ice kingdoms to awe at sculptures. Now, you and your team can try ice sculpting for yourself as it’s one of our Christmas activities! Professionals will help you cut away, smooth and decorate frosty masterpieces. What’s more is that this product can be brought to you. One of our clients this year is having a Christmas party in a festive cabin and the ice is going to them!


Candy making

spun candy making class corporate event christmasChristmas is the time of year where candy is everywhere. Some people even put it on their trees! If you’re interested in creating festive candy canes and other impressive feats then we have the product for you! Candy making with our connoisseurs is a sweet way of ensuring the team get creative and work together to learn something new. Having tried it ourselves we can confirm that it’s fantastic fun! Be a kid in a candy store this Christmas!


Magic Show

magic show illusionist class christmas activities corporateChristmas is where the magic comes out and, no matter how old we get, we can all appreciate someone with tricks up their sleeves! This magic show and illusionist class gives the best of both world’s. Not only will your team enjoy an award-winning magic show but they will also get to learn some illusions themselves! Celebrating teamwork, confidence and, of course, magic, this is a great product for any office looking for something special for this year’s event.


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