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Seasonal Drinks For Your Christmas Party

If you’re hosting the Christmas party this year, it is no longer enough for the drinks to remain the same! When people go to a Christmas event, they expect the Christmas drinks to follow the theme and turn festive. These top three drinks are sure to warm up any festive event this season!

Mulled Wine & Cider

festive drinks christmas drinks event
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We’ll start with an obvious one. Mulled wine and/or cider is essential to a festive event. We recommend apple-based flavoured drinks as a strong starting point. Be generous with the oranges and cinnamon for the mulled wine and don’t forget to add a shot of rum for a truly warming wine! Apple and cranberry based ciders are most festive for mulling! Any relaxed event is suitable for mulled Christmas drinks!


Winter Berry Cocktails

festive drinks christmas drinks events
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If the event is less relaxed and more of a mover, hot Christmas drinks might be unsafe! Fortunately, there are plenty of festive cocktails that fit the bill! One of our favourites is the winter berry cocktail. Picture clementine juice with all of winter’s best berries: blackberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and raspberry liqueur. With sugar syrup and vanilla vodka, you’re onto a deliciously sweet cocktail full of festive spirits!


Bailey’s Hot Chocolate

festive drinks christmas drinks events
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Surprisingly, outdoor events are increasingly popular in the winter season. From snug yurts to decorative clearings lit up with fairy lights, some of you are bound to be hosting outdoor style events and nothing warms people up like a Bailey’s hot chocolate! Mix your best hot chocolate into a mug with a serving of Baileys, add whipped cream, chocolate flakes and marshmallows on top and you’re good to go!


Your guests are sure to leave the Christmas party feeling merry!

If you’re not hosting an event but, rather, are looking for one to attend, see our article on the best Christmas markets in London!